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Activity 1

Production of high-resolution future climate projections (20 km grid) over the entire South Pacific using simulations of several global (atmospheric) climate models from the latest IPCC report at different time scales: ‘near’ (2040), ‘medium’ (2070) and ‘long’ (2100).

Activity 2

Production of future climate projections at very high resolution (2.5 km on a side) on island scales (New Caledonia/Vanuatu and Tahiti-Moorea) and statistical downscaling in Wallis and Futuna.

Activity 3

Analyse the future impact of climate change on specific sectors (to be defined with local authorities) such as agriculture, water over different time scales.

Activity 4

Carry out activities to collect local knowledge (more specifically local ecological knowledge) constituting “risk cultures” in the project territories. Identify and analyse the knowledge and its transmission methods that can be used to promote adaptation to climate change.

Activity 5

Support for the adaptation plans of territories and countries to the effects of climate change.

Activity 6

Establishment of a dedicated website (in collaboration with SPREP) to make climate data freely available to local, national or regional institutions of the Pacific Island States and Territories as well as other stakeholders (private sector, associations, etc.)

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